The time I achieved my (vegan) butter tart goals! (Encouraging Recovery Update)

Vegan Butter tart post

Big goal achieved this week:  Going up and down stairs! (And without having to put two feet on one step then stepping!)  Like, real stairs!  Like, one step away from taking them two at a time! (Disclaimer: that is a complete exaggeration.  I have no aspirations to do stairs two at a time yet).

Second huge goal:  I made vegan butter tarts!  Yes! Continue reading

The time I walked forever…in a blizzard…with a cane. (A story of overcoming and kind GO Transit riders)

The time I walked forever in a blizzard with a cane

Happy Friday!  I’ll be giving an update about my cane/gym journey (I am now essentially 3/4 caneless), as well as a George update and a goal completion update today!  (No, it’s not the butter tarts goal….although I am hopeful to accomplish that one soon!)  This week was full of good challenges and I feel like I am getting better at managing my foot without getting all discouraged when I can’t do as much as I’d like.  And yes, I did go into Toronto during the “winter storm watch”..and yes….of course it was during the time that Line 1 on the subway was out-of-order. Continue reading

The time I wanted to quit the gym (Recovery Update and Encouraging Bunny update)


Happy Friday to you!  I didn’t really want to write this week’s update because I didn’t think that it would be too great, but then I thought: no wait, part of recovery is having little tiny set-backs that make you sad for a second, but then make you determined and more kind in the end.  So, this week I’m going to share a little bit about a weird thing that happened at the gym, as well as a little side update about our bunny George. (He’s named George because of this).

The punch line:  I didn’t quit the gym. Continue reading

The time when I learned to overcome RSDS (aka. The time my foot was very dramatic) (Encouraging Update)

The when I learned to overcome RSDS

Happy Friday!  It’s hard to believe that this is newsy update #3!  This week, I will give you a little gym update (I found a kindred spirit), and talk about RSDS (Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome), and also share a few little milestones that I reached.  I feel like I could sum up this week with a quote from Mother Teresa; “Faithfulness, not success.” (I first saw this quote in Eric Metaxas’ book titled “Seven Women; and the secret to their greatness”.  If you have not read this…I recommend it).

So, first of all..lets talk RSDS, which is just the technical name for “wow, Continue reading

The time that I learned to say thank you and not be embarrassed (An encouraging recovery update)

The time that I learned to say thank you and not be embarrassed

Happy Friday! This week’s installment has a little bit of everything.  I’m going to give you some little updates on my ongoing saga at the gym (the bicycle triumph and the rowing machine of doom and torture), as well as some really interesting things that I’ve learned about myself and the population of Oshawa and Canada at large that I think you will find 100% encouraging.

First of all, my promised gym update.  This week was the week of perseverance.  Every day I wake up and go “ok, you can make it to the gym. Continue reading

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