Hi!  I hope you’re having a great start to your week, wherever you are!  It always amazes me how when I’m under the weather, I completely forget all the good things I’m supposed to be doing and instead just lay there and hope it gets better on its own.  Our household has recently been recovering from some post-Christmas germs (no fun), and during that time I was reminded about a few things I usually tell other people when they feel sick, and then was trying to remember to do them myself.  So, here for you today I’ve compiled a little list of useful things to know about water, so when you are feeling not the best (it happens to everyone), you have this at the ready.

I’m sure a lot of my clients will know that I remind them about drinking water at every visit (I’m sure some of them think it’s weird), but water is so important!  (and not just in a “your body is made of 70% water, so you should drink some” way).  Hydration is so essential to your body, especially in BIE.  If you’re not sufficiently hydrated, it can actually impair the effectiveness of your balancing session!  (check out the Service Menu, too!)

1.  If you’re not well hydrated, you will have a hard time coughing anything out of your lungs.

This one I actually learned in nursing school ( <3 UWO!)  When you have chest colds and gross things like that, it is so important to be consistently drinking water because it will help your body to keep things loose in your chest, so that you can cough it up.  (Yes, it sounds gross)  But trust me, coughing things out is infinitely better than them lurking down there and turning into worse things, like pneumonia. (Disclaimer).

2.  It helps your body to communicate on a cellular level.

You might remember from my BioEnergetics Simplified article, how I talked about your body’s communication systems.  Water plays a pivotal role in this.  Good communication within the body means better health.


3.  Some clients have a bioenergetic intolerance to water.

Not sure what a bioenergetic intolerance is?  Have a look here.  But yes, some people do have a bioenergetic intolerance to their drinking water, and it can actually impact their hydration because their body isn’t able to recognize it correctly.  I’ve actually done balancing sessions for water (it usually only takes one session), and it’s really neat to see results with that,

4. Hydration impacts your mood.

Feeling tired, slow, fatigued or just vaguely grumpy?  It could be that you’re not getting enough fluids.  Even mild dehydration can impair brain and body functions, and you won’t feel your best.  There’s always a popular debate about exactly how much water is enough per day, so instead of giving you an amount, it’s better to listen to your body.  It’s easy to gauge individual hydration based on your urine.  It should be a pale or light yellow.  If you have anything darker or tea coloured, you need to drink something.  (Note:  there are certain medical conditions/medications/supplements that can impact your urine, so if you’re concerned, please consult your regular primary care provider).

5.  Water and fibre are best friends.

Water is a key element to proper gut functioning.  It keeps the fibre moving along, and helps your body to break things down.  If you’re not having enough liquids to drink, you might have some concerns with constipation. (no fun).


So, remember, water is a key factor in health, so don’t sell yourself short.  Stay hydrated!  And if you’re concerned that you may have a bioenergetic intolerance to water, book today!

What other things about water amaze you?  Let me know in the comments below if this is new information for you, or if you’re familiar with it.  Have a topic request?  Let me know on Twitter or in the Facebook group!  I love to write about things that interest you!  Don’t forget that you can also connect with me on Pinterest or Instagram!


Take care, and have a great day!  (And don’t forget to drink some water) 😉

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