Hello again!  (I know, two articles in one week: madness)  I had thought I might try to make a new weekly feature on the blog:  Weekly encouragements.  Just some things I’d been thinking that I thought you might have been too, that I wanted to encourage you about.  Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then, and I like you very much, and so of course I want to encourage you.

It’s very easy to think to yourself “Oh, well there’s no point bothering to do _______, because I won’t be very good at it and there are probably thousands of people out there who will do it better than I ever could.”  (It doesn’t really matter what it is you’re considering doing, because you can make this argument about literally anything).  I will give you a practical example from my week:  I wanted to make a new video for my YouTube channel, about Christmas treats or baking something special, and so I did film a few clips about making something and I watched a few video tutorials to try to make it nice, and really, I am painfully new to video editing, but oh it’s so easy to get discouraged when you see all these other very talented people writing excellent articles or filming things with such ease and then you spend a few hours of your morning trying to make it work and you end up not using half of the things you filmed, and the recipe that had previously been trustworthy decided to fail you at the moment you needed it.  (Don’t worry… I tried again and filmed something different, and I like it.  It should be coming out tomorrow (Friday).

However, this is the pivotal moment!  Don’t throw your hands up in despair.  Don’t do it.  Resist that urge to give up.  There is always a risk of doing something and it not working out.  But the worse risk is doing nothing, and never doing anything, and wasting your life in regrets and worrying.  Good grief, failure is natural.  I probably can’t even remember half of the things I haven’t been good at.  And truthfully, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

But, I’ll keep trying things that are difficult, because I know I’m not growing at all if everything is easy.  I know a lot of people share the sentiment “If I don’t enjoy it, then I’m not doing it.” and wow….that is so dangerous.  All of the best things you can earn have parts of them that are legitimate grown-up work, and are not glamorous or anything.  They are hard.  They kinda stink, but secretly, you should be so thankful that you are growing and doing things.  For example, take education.  (It doesn’t matter what level, school is school).  Lots of school work is hard and you have to really dig in and try, but I was always so thankful for teachers having me do hard work because I learned things I otherwise would have missed out on.

This is what I hope you take away with you today:  Don’t be afraid to try.

Thinking of taking a course?  Weigh its usefulness, of course, but don’t give too much weight (if any) to any fear you may have about trying.

Thinking of taking a new job?

Want to learn to knit/ grow an avocado/ keep a marimo moss ball?

Don’t be afraid to give it a shot!  (And really, if any of you have figured out how to make an avocado pit sprout – leave me a comment!  I have tried that 4-5 times with no success.  I’ve tried ones that have never been refrigerated, etc, but if you’ve mastered this, I want to know!)

Just like other things I’ve mentioned before, the internet is only a tool.  It’s not an accurate representation of real life.  Only a small part of your day is represented on the internet.  It’s not meant to be a place where you find your value.  You are a person; you are inherently valuable.  Don’t let your thoughts run your life; you are in charge of what you spend your time thinking about.

I am completely confident that each of you have something excellent to do that only you could do.  How will you every find out what it is if you’re too busy avoiding “failure”?  Yes, failure is difficult.  But the world has never ended over it.  I promise, I’ve checked.

Take care, and have such an excellent week!


~ Lindsay


P.S. – In the comments, let me know something that you find very encouraging!  I’d enjoy hearing about it!  (Remember, you can also connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter).

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