It’s time for the Weekly Uplift!  (yay!)

I understand the purpose behind analytics tools (Google Analytics, YouTube views counter, Jetpack, the comment counter on Facebook, the Twitter Analytics tool..etc).  They let you see how many people are visiting your content or sharing it or in some way interacting.  You can use it to figure out what things you are doing well and that your audience likes and what things they might not like as much.  They can be very helpful, but sometimes they can become giant fun-sucking things in your life.

This is my off-trend advice for you this week:  Don’t pay attention to analytics.

Yes, it’s fun to see how many bazillion views some bizarre obscure video has on YouTube, but when you’re using analytics for other things it can overwhelm the aim of your project if you let the weight of your analytics get out of perspective.

Whenever I write or create something, I always ask myself “Would I still make this if only one person saw this?”  I’m sure at some point every content creator envisions having millions of views etc etc etc.  However, I recently saw a video about Homestar Runner made by Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers and Ryder from FootofaFerret.  They made a comment in that video that somewhat inspired this post.  During the entire run of the hugely successful Homestar Runner internet video series and all the spin-off products and marketing, the  people who made it never installed an analytics package on their website, and so had no idea how many people were actually viewing the videos or anything.  They were doing it because it was something they enjoyed making, and they weren’t interested in publishing articles later that read “…with 7 million views a month…”  or anything like that.

I’m sure every marketing and advertising firm is strongly disagreeing with me, but that’s ok.

Don’t let the number counting tools steal your enjoyment in having your own place on the internet.

Plus, I’d much rather have a smaller audience of engaged and interested people than millions of viewers and start to attract big grizzly internet trolls.

The Analytics Tool is just that…. a tool.  You don’t even have to have a website to understand what I’m talking about.  You pretty much just have to have a social media account.  Facebook comment “like” button, anyone?  Just let it be a tool.  And if you are at odds with it so much, just don’t look at it.  Or uninstall that Jetpack plugin.  You can do it!

The internet can be a place to connect and share information, etc, but loads of people like you who aren’t connected to the internet at all.  And no “tool” can measure that.

Don’t worry about the “likes”, be concerned with being who you are made to be, and be about that business!


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