Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re right at the mid-way point in the week, and I know that today is kind of the point in the week where everyone starts to look towards the weekend.  But for goodness sake, don’t miss the really excellent day you have right now.  Think about it.  If there were no names on the days, or you had no idea which “day of the week” it was, how would you be spending your time?  What would you do?  Monday is completely under-rated.  Lots of really good things happen on Mondays.  And Tuesdays.  And every other day.  And you might be missing them because you write off the day under the socially acceptable banner of “Mondays are horrible, and I will hate all of them…because I can”.

I’m not advocating that we remove the calendar or change the names of the days.  Calendars are useful tools, and help you to plan about how you will get done the things that you have decided are important to do.  But they are just tools.  This drink kind of feels like something that you would usually see published on a Monday when you’re trying to get “back on track”, but Wednesday is just  a name, and you can start things on any day of the week.  So, with this in mind, today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite morning drinks.  Don’t write off the rest of the week for the sake of feeling tired.  This drink really helps give me a boost when I need it.  It’s very easy to customize, and can be tailored to whatever your needs might be.  It was introduced to me by a very dear friend, and I’ve done a little tweaking to make it just right for my taste, but the basics are still there.


It goes together in a flash, and is stuffed full of all sorts of good things to make it a powerhouse to start your day with a bang!  A few of the products might be new to you, but I use them on most days to help make sure that I get enough of the right food nutrients, instead of just relying on vitamins.

Green Booster Shake-Up:

All you’ll need is three ingredients:

  • Orange juice (or juice of choice, but I’ve found that orange works best.  Brave people just use water….)
  • 1 tbsp GreenZone™
  • 1 tbsp Collatrim™

Nature’s Sunshine is the company that makes GreenZone™ and Collatrim™, and I’ve found that their products are of exemplary quality, and consistently live up to the expectations I had for them.  The reason I wanted to share this really easy drink is that a lot of clients ask about taking daily supplements, etc.  Everyone has different needs, and really, your body might not even recognize the energetic frequency of some of the components of the supplements you take (see the R. BIE article for further explanation), especially if they are sourced from synthetic components. I routinely check my clients using bioanaylsis feedback testing for the supplements that they are using.  But supplements aren’t necessarily the answer, and I only ever sparingly recommend them for specific things( see the disclaimer).  Really, the vast majority of your nutritional needs are best met through actual foods.  And that’s where Collatrim™ and GreenZone™ help with.  Collatrim provides your body with collagen, and supports muscle and joint health, and GreenZone is actually carefully dried foods that are naturally full of excellent nutritional content (ex: Siberian ginseng, acerola cherry, ginger, chlorophyll, apple pectin, etc).  The list is way too long to discuss all the items.  



But I definitely use this to cover a lot of nutritional ground without spending exorbitant time cutting, mixing and blending.  When it’s a busy weekday, this is an easy way to make the most of your mealtime, and I just shake mine together in a lidded bottle and take it with me.  (Warning: Make sure you drink it while it’s still cold.  The GreenZone is not the best if it’s allowed to sit for too long.)

Make the most of your day!  Don’t procrastinate the things that are important.  Feeling unwell?  See the right practitioner for help.

Take care, and have a great day!


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