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Welcome to the first installment of the new Friday format!  For this week’s “Let’s talk” segment, I wanted to discuss something I’ve been hearing recently from people wanting to book BIE sessions, and put your minds at ease if you’re considering booking.  (Because new things are new, and sometimes reassurance is a good thing).

The phenomenon I’m referring to isn’t new or found only in my profession, but is completely common to most things.  It’s the endemic I-need-to-get-in-shape-before-I-go-to-the-gym- itis.  Or, if you’re considering seeing a R. BIE, it’s usually called I-want-to-book-but-itis.  Symptoms include; decision-making paralysis, confusion about what a R. BIE does, fear that your practitioner will try to shame you into changing, and sometimes results in frustration, confusion, and long-term put-it-off-itis, which can become a chronic condition if left untreated.

(Don’t worry, I’ve had it too).

I thought if I addressed some of the concerns that have been brought to me, I could reassure everyone together, and you’d be in a better decision-making position.  Uncertainty never helps.  Below I’ve listed a few worries that people have brought to me that they had about booking their first sessions.  Included is a little explanation about what really happens, so that you can put your mind at ease.

  1. What happens in the first appointment (read: Is this the Spanish Inquisition?  No one expects the Spanish Inquisition).                                             I know that the initial BIE consultation is a little longer than the follow-up sessions, but I promise that it’s not longer to allow time to interrogate you about what is in your cupboards or to try to frighten you into doing things.  Promise.  (I would never go back to someone if I felt like they disagreed with everything that I do and were secretly judging me because I didn’t do something they thought I should).  So, I want to be very clear with you that I will never coerce/force/shame/guilt or pressure you to stop/start doing anything.  See also:  What to expect at your first appointment.
  2. How Do You Work With Your Clients? (Read: Are you a scary task master who will stalk me and slap cookies out of my hands?). (If this is your question, also see the 80/20 approach.  I am no cookie-shunning person).                                                                                                                                 The relationship that I have with my clients is collaborative.  I am working with you, and we are partners in promoting your good health.  The sessions are built around what a client decides are the important issues to them, and I support them with the information/skills that I have and together we build a plan to follow.  The plan for each person is individually tailored, and unique to them.  I do ask about how much water you’ve had to drink on the day of your appointment, but that is because your overall hydration is essential to how effective BIE will be for you.  (Also, be aware that I am bound and directed by the Best Practice Guidelines of my profession.  I will definitely share what I know with you about health practices, but whether or not you choose to use those suggestions is your discretion).
  3. I know you recommend a Candida Cleanse Diet sometimes, but I’m not ready to do it yet.  Can I still book appointments? (Read:  Will you tell me about this cleanse at every appointment until I cave and do it.)  Short answer:  Of course you can still come!  Longer Answer:  Health isn’t about promoting some certain dietary adherence or program.  For more information about the Candida Cleanse, and why I often recommend it, see: Information About the Candida Cleanse.  Everyone starts at a difference place, and so some people come and right away are primed for change, and others come and only want assistance or information on certain topics, and that is ok.  One of the reasons that I recommend that specific cleanse is because it will help your body to restore homeostasis more effectively, and you will see meaningful results in a shorter time frame.

The hardest part about coming to see me(or any other professional) is always booking the appointment.  You know in your head that the results will be great for you, or that you do really want to come, but the physical act of calling and arranging a time is just hard.  This is the inertia issue I mentioned in the title.  You’ve never been, so the easiest route is just to never go, even if you know it might be something really great.

My advice for you right now: If you keep doing the same thing that you have always been doing (whether it is with your health, your diet, your job, your finances, whatever), you will continue to receive the same outcomes.  If you’d like things to change, something that you are doing will need to change.  Change is difficult, and it can be uncomfortable and new, but now you need to decide for yourself what you want: the current results you have, or different ones?  That will help you decide whether or not a change is needed.

»Analogy for today:  Imagine that you are standing on a nail, but you didn’t step on it all at once, and so it doesn’t seem to be that bad.  So you keep standing there.  However, you are still standing on a nail.  How much will the nail have to hurt before you move your foot and remove it?  Lots of people have concerns with their health or well-being that are like this nail.  It didn’t happen all at once, and so you keep doing the same things and getting the same results, but you are still standing on the nail.  The physical pain of the nail hurting is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  It’s important to listen to signals your body is giving you, because it usually knows things before you do.

I have complete confidence that you are able to take the first steps in dealing with whatever issue might be represented by that “nail”.

I mentioned earlier that my working relationship with clients is collaborative.  A completely essential key to this relationship:  I expect my clients to work with me, and be invested in what we are doing.  I just love working with people who are invested and are willing partners in their health promotion.

I hope that you’ve been able to have some of your concerns and uncertainties addressed so that you are in a better position to make decisions.  I look forward to answering more questions in the future, and working together with you.  Health is about the whole person.

Call to Action:  If you’ve been putting it off, stop waiting.  Book.  (I’ll even book via e-mail).  Contact me.  Today is the best day to start.  I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you liked this article and found it helpful.  Also, Happy Canada Day in advance!  I hope you’re all going to be able to celebrate in some way!  It’s such an exciting time to remember our national identity, and enjoy the place where we live!


Announcement:  New Photos are Live!


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I’ve recently partnered with Ashley Gingras Photography, and had some lovely new photographs taken for the website, and for my brochures, etc.  She is such a talented lady, and you should go check out her site, and her Facebook page.

Take a look around the site, and you’ll see these new photos cropping up all over!  She is a joy to work with, and the session was so comfortable. I had a great time.  She has a gracious way with people, and I felt confident and relaxed through the entire thing.  I definitely recommend her work!

Have a great day everyone!  Take care!


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