Happy Monday, everyone!

I trust you’re having a great start to the week.  (Mondays are a great day to start everything off freshly!)  I wanted to quickly share with you some things that I’ve been want to for a while now.  The issue of the “detox”.  Right now, it’s very popular to do different cleanses and diets and drink strange medicinal-tasting things in the hopes of ridding your body of things that are not good for it that it may have acquired due to diet, environments, etc.  There are different motivations behind these: better health, losing weight, feeling more confident, a pang of health-consciousness etc.  None of those are bad in their own right, but it’s also wise to investigate it before you jump in feet first.

The Point:  Don’t get lured into anything prior to investigating it.

Here are my key criteria when I’m considering a change of diet or a cleanse program:

1.   What foods are included, which are excluded, and is the rationale for this founded in research or popular science?

2.  What supplements are included; what do they do, and will I be able to safely take them?  What impact might they have on me overall outside of the advertised ones?

3.  How long does this take, and what is the rationale behind the length?

4.  How much does it cost, and is this something that I want to invest in right now?

5.  What other similar programs are available, and am I convinced that this is the best route?

6.  Have I sought wise counsel, and asked knowledgeable professionals who aren’t selling me anything what they think?  Have any of them tried it?

7.  Have I asked my family what they think, or someone trustworthy?

8.  Will I be able to take any regular medication during this certain cleanse or detox?


Don’t think that the only thing that needs a “detox” in your life is just your body!  Loads of people are so interested in cleaning out their body, and they never consider what untrue or health-damaging thoughts they are entertaining.  Take stock of your thought life.  Not just bad things, but useful things as well!  What do you spend the majority of your time dwelling on?  Is it edifying and life-giving, or is it anxiety-provoking and time-wasting?  (I’m in no way a professional counselor, so please seek one out if you are looking for specific help).



Your body speaks your mind!

I’m going to give you two examples of what I mean.

The first example is common knowledge in Western and alternative medicine:

1.  People living with cardiac conditions usually will have a vertical crease on their earlobe, whereas people who do not will not have this crease. (British Heart Journal Abstract)

The second is also starting to become more commonly recognized:

2.  Feelings of intense anxiety can sometimes be mistaken for the chest pain and symptoms of a myocardial infarction (heart attack). (ADAA Article)

If you’re interested in learning more, there is a book written all about it:  Your Body Speaks Your Mind, by Deb Shapiro.  (Bear in mind, I have not read this book cover to cover and this is not an endorsement of the book.  I’m only including it for your knowledge.  Read it at your own thoughtful discretion).


All sorts of unhelpful thought processes happen every day.  However, there is hope.  Just because a thought has crossed your mind does not make it true or useful.  Everyone needs to thoughtfully decide what “screening process” they will use to keep track of how they are spending their time in thought.  It’s dangerous to fill your life with activities and things to kill time.  It’s good to have quiet time to really wrestle out what you believe about things, how you’re going to act on those decisions and how that will guide your life.  And don’t say “well, I’m not deciding.”  Because that’s a decisions.  It’s inescapable!

Now, I’m not looking for a big debate in the comments or anything, but I want to encourage you today to consider the condition of the space between your ears!  Are you as fastidious about that as you are about eating well and exercising?  And I am in no way referring to the “empty your mind and think about nothing” train of thought.  Your mind isn’t empty.  What thoughts are you feeding yourself?  Because I promise that the things you routinely “eat” in your thought life will have a direct impact on your health.

Looking for some useful thoughts?

Here are a few things I recommend you read, to whet your whistle!

The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

The Reason for My Hope by Billy Graham


Some online reads to encourage you today!

100 Words by David Mainse

What is it about C. S. Lewis by Jon Bloom

Raspberry Chia Seed Jam Oat Crumble Squares by Angela Liddon  (Because you need snacks you feel good about while you’re reading!)


What is your favorite read right now?  Let me know in the comments!  (I’m always looking for new things to read!)

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That’s everything for now!  Take care, and have a good week!


(Feeding the Chickadees at the Lynde Shores Conservation Area!)


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