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Big goal achieved this week:  Going up and down stairs! (And without having to put two feet on one step then stepping!)  Like, real stairs!  Like, one step away from taking them two at a time! (Disclaimer: that is a complete exaggeration.  I have no aspirations to do stairs two at a time yet).

Second huge goal:  I made vegan butter tarts!  Yes!

So, last week my foot felt a little rebellious, and was being uncomfortable, but this week has been excellent.

Truth-telling time: I was really afraid to do the stairs one at a time…because I accidentally did it a few weeks ago and it hurt…enough that I didn’t want to do it again.  But!  If you never try…then you’ll never do it.  So…I knew that I had to keep trying (And I knew that I couldn’t take the stairs like a toddler for the rest of my life…so, verrryy slowwwly I started to do it.  But only at home.  And only for a couple).  Who knew that I would ever be afraid of the stairs.  But, I felt like there was a huge payoff when I could do the stairs in public this week and not fall down them or look like a weirdo who has never seen stairs before. (Internal celebrations)

I also conquered my fear of the elliptical!  (yay!)  Apparently, two of the bones in my ankle had sort of gotten stuck together, which was why I couldn’t do the elliptical very well, but last week they started moving again!  Yay!  So….now instead of being just slow on the bike and the rowing machine, I am steadily becoming more proficient at being slow on the elliptical!  (Which I am sure deeply pleases the gym staff…who seem to be very concerned when you only use a few pieces of equipment).

Here are a few pictures of my butter tart success:







If you want the recipe, it is in the Bunner’s Cookbook.  It took me a little while to track down some of the ingredients (Bulk Barn was a big help!  Especially finding the Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo and Fava bean flour).  I don’t know what it is…and I don’t know if you have found this as well…But whenever I buy a new specialty cookbook (whether vegan or gluten-free or allergy friendly..,.or whatever)….the author will usually have a handful of super-expensive super-difficult-to-find-and-needs-to-be-ordered-from-Brazil ingredients that will show up in the majority of the recipes…but then the second you buy a different book (foolishly) thinking “Yes, I know that I have a well-rounded array of ingredients.”  BAM….you need none of the ingredients you have for the new recipes…but a brand new set of specialty stuff.  For example:  One cookbook I have is like “choose your own adventure” but for allergen-free baking.  So…you want to make the cake?  Ok…well, first, go to a totally different page and make these two very specific and tedious flour mixtures that are used in every recipe but you can’t use in any other baking…ever…and then make these two other recipes that then become ingredients in the original recipe that you want to make…and by the end….a year has gone by and you have not even made the original recipe. (Is it just me?  Does anyone else find this?)

Anyway….to make the butter tarts…be prepared to spend an afternoon baking…for 12 butter tarts.  But, I think that I would make them again for a special occasion.  Although…the people who I fed them to who have had butter tarts before unanimously said that what I had given them was not a butter tart..but a raisin-y tart.  I really liked them, and thought that the filling was nice…but apparently the filling-to-raisin ratio was incorrect.  I needed fewer raisins and more filling (duly noted for next time).

The crust was….a little meh…but it was better than other gluten-free pastries that I have made before.  It was flaky (or as some called it “Like packed sand”…semantics), and sweet, and the filling was sticky and nice.  Anyway…my advice:  Don’t go in to this expecting a butter tart.  Just expect a nice dessert….let it be its own thing!  A vegan butter tart!  Although…one of my testers said that they have had one of the butter tarts from the Bunner’s bakery…and it didn’t taste like what I had made either.  Not that what I made was bad…anyway….I followed the recipe in excruciating detail…but it definitely could be something that wasn’t conveyed in the recipe…or something….

The point:  I was able to stand in the kitchen long enough to make butter tarts!


Also, since it is almost spring, here is a picture of some daffodils that are opening at our house:


Take care, and have a great week!  See you next Friday!

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