The time I walked forever in a blizzard with a cane

Happy Friday!  I’ll be giving an update about my cane/gym journey (I am now essentially 3/4 caneless), as well as a George update and a goal completion update today!  (No, it’s not the butter tarts goal….although I am hopeful to accomplish that one soon!)  This week was full of good challenges and I feel like I am getting better at managing my foot without getting all discouraged when I can’t do as much as I’d like.  And yes, I did go into Toronto during the “winter storm watch”..and yes….of course it was during the time that Line 1 on the subway was out-of-order.

George has been slowly improving, and is all done most of his medicine (which he hates.  A lot).  So I am very glad for that!  He might be old and grouchy, but I still like him 🙂

Goal accomplished: Going to a Cat Cafe!

(I know.  Half of you went: Yay! and the other half went: why?!)

Well, I like cats, and we were visiting some friends in Guelph, and I had done my online research (100% not useful in the end) and read loads of reviews and was like yes…we should visit this cat cafe.  It will be fun.  The cats will be cute.  It will be interesting,

Yes…. interesting is definitely the word to use to describe it.

If any of you have any inclination to visit such a place…just remember that the online reviews are likely lies…or at the least…overly complimentary.

There were a few cats (you don’t really get to visit with them unless you are willing to compete with aggressive cat people who follow the cats around…which I was not…at all).  It was in the back of a convenience store (uneasy feelings).  They made you take your shoes off and buy a drink to get in (ok, I guess).  And the cat area did not smell or look clean by any stretch of the imagination (no…just…no).

If you are desperate to visit with cats…just volunteer at the shelter.  It will be 1000% more worthwhile.  Or here…here are pictures of Lemon and Lime, my brother’s cats:


20151031_201812 20160125_120241 2015-03-27-07-49-40_deco

There.  Those are better than the cafe.  (Lemon and Lime often feature in my Instagram feed.  Because they are cute.)

So, goal achieved…but…turned out to be not so worth it.  ha.

I also had an appointment downtown..on Tuesday…during the storm.  But, I made up my mind to go and took my cane and planned my route.  I was a little worried when the subway closed (it only breaks when I need it…) But, I built in enough time to walk from Union station and take breaks.  Excellent.

Who knew that there were SOOO many stairs in the PATH?!  They go up and down and up and down and up and down…and you just sort of follow the herd of people and somehow end up at the Eaton’s Centre.  And usually I wouldn’t notice…but when you have been walking for 100 years (10 minutes) with a cane and you’re not even halfway to where you need to be…and the escalator is broken…the stairs might as well be Mount Doom…and I am Frodo…and you know, you don’t just walk into Mordor. (Or something..)

I was the slowest turtle in the world on the stairs…and all these business people in their severely pointy shoes were zooming past me…it was certainly a humble moment.  I decided that I wasn’t going to give up, and just kept going (it also helped that I was by myself…and if I just gave up…I was going to be stuck in the underground PATH for a long time…so…motivation).  And I did make it!  There and back again (to Union)!  And on the way home, I got on the train and it was standing room only.  I don’t think that this has ever happened to me…ever.  So…why wouldn’t it happen when my legs have turned to goo and I have to stand on the train.  (There was a lot of praying that I wouldn’t fall over).

I was just standing in the little area by the door…and no one in the courtesy seating was moving.  (I was a little discouraged…)  But, I didn’t want to make a scene and ask someone to move…even though in my head I definitely knew that I might fall over when the train stopped.  So…I just waited it out…and prayed.  And after the first stop I nearly did fall (why is balance so complicated?!  I used to be good at not falling over!  I mean, it wasn’t a skill that I’d write on my resume….but…it was so useful it almost should have been!)  And then one of the ladies in the courtesy seating noticed that I had a cane and got right up and told me to have her seat.

Truth telling time:  I nearly cried I was so relieved.  I definitely said “thank you” more than one time.  And oh, I was so soooooooo very glad.  Thank you kind Toronto people.  I was worried that you might be mean…and some of you were a little scary…but the train lady saved the day.  I didn’t fall over or cry.


Going downtown with a cane and making back!

Achievement unlocked: Increased distance endurance!

So yes, overall it was a very encouraging week!  I hope that you have a great weekend, and I will see you again next Friday!



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