Happy Friday to you!  I didn’t really want to write this week’s update because I didn’t think that it would be too great, but then I thought: no wait, part of recovery is having little tiny set-backs that make you sad for a second, but then make you determined and more kind in the end.  So, this week I’m going to share a little bit about a weird thing that happened at the gym, as well as a little side update about our bunny George. (He’s named George because of this).

The punch line:  I didn’t quit the gym.

But I really wanted to….for like an hour.

But I didn’t.

But I wanted to.

Monday when I was at the gym, I had finished up my work, had tried the elliptical for a few minutes (I was the slowest turtle in the world, and my ankle started clicking part way through), and then I was in the change room.  I don’t know what is it about change rooms.  They are always very small.  The bench real estate is never proportional to A) the amount of lockers available or B) the amount of people who need to use it.  And so I usually wander around with my cane for a bit trying to not look feeble and like I “need” to sit on the bench to put my shoes on.  But…realistically.. I 100% have to sit down to put my shoes on.  My balance is not so hot right now (working on it though.  Can now balance on my left foot – the hurt one! – for 30 seconds!).  Anyway….I had scored a bench (yes!) and it was even near my arbitrarily selected locker (also yes!), when the woman who I had seen before with the cane approached me.  Immediately, I was not as encouraged as I had been last week at seeing her when I received several very strange and discouraging questions about “why I didn’t use the bike for longer?” and “why didn’t I use other things than the bike?”  and “I used the bike for 25 minutes on my first day here.” (If you read my original blog…you will remember that I did not do that)…and several other things that I won’t share because I don’t want to complain.  It was weird.  And made me very uncomfortable.  And….I don’t know what it is…but just because I have a cane doesn’t mean that I would really like to chat right now….in the change room…whilst changing….I only have to use the cane for a little longer…and I don’t even use it all the time any more!

I want to quit the gym.

I have to change gyms.

I can never have this conversation again.  I’ll have to ditch the cane early and pray I don’t trip.  Maybe I should start wearing glasses…or dye my hair…..so no one recognizes me.  Yes…I need a hoodie and bigger headphones.

For a few seconds I may have slightly overracted.  And by seconds….I mean like…maybe an hour.  Only slightly.  But, I didn’t quit.  I know that someone’s partial assessment of me doesn’t reflect what I’m doing.  And I am doing what I have been told to do by very bright professionals.  Don’t.  Panic!  It will be finnneeee.

And it was!

Goal achieved: tried the elliptical (not ready for it yet), but tried it and didn’t die.


And no, I’m not angry at this person at all.  I know that they don’t maliciously ask questions to try to run people out of the gym.  I forgive them 100%.  It just might mean an earlier gym time for me 🙂

I think it made me feel a little extra nervous because I already had a feeling that people were watching me (one of the gym staff at one point when I came in asked me if “today was arm day”, because I had been consistently using the bike) and I had noticed several people watching me as I went on the weight machine…..BUT!  It’s ok, I will just keep doing what I know I’m supposed to.  I don’t take it as an offence, because that’s not how it was intended.  I think they were just making conversation.

Moral of today’s story:  Be kind to people.  Even if you are convinced that you know better or want to “encourage” them to branch out to something.  It might be really scary for them to even be doing what they are doing.  They might already be waaaaaay outside of their comfort zones doing what you think is “easy”.

Secondary moral:  Don’t talk to people while they are changing.  Especially if you are a stranger.  Especially then.  It’s weird.

And now for a little happy story.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will know a little of this story already.  So, we have a bunny named George.  He is nine years old (that is elderly for a bunny).  He has had some health problems before, but this week he had been sneezing and I noticed his eyes were getting messy.  (Immediate thought: how will I carry a rabbit carrier into the vet alone with a cane?)  So…I went to Google (I don’t know why I do that.  It is always the worst idea.  How many times have I Googled my symptoms and the search results always end up with: cancer.  inevitable death.  maybe meningitis or cholera.  but mostly death).  And true to form, Google said: bunnies can get clogged tear ducts when their teeth overgrow INTO THEIR HEADS.  Immediate panic: his teeth are too long?! Wait….I’ve seen his teeth…they’re fine.  But oh. my. goodness that can happen?!  No…Google images….no!  Ew!

So, we went to the vet (George hates the vet.  They have dogs there.  George doesn’t like dogs.  They bark and scare him.  Mostly that happened one time…but I’m pretty sure that George thinks that it will happen every time…who knows…I might be giving him too much credit for thinking things through.)

And lo and behold George is not at death’s door like I may or may not have feared (100% I thought he might be dying), he is fine.  Actually…when I told the vet that George was nine she said “Really?!” so….either she figured he should not be alive…Orrrrr….my preferred answer: he looks so well-cared for that she would never have guessed that he was that age at all!  And he wasn’t as ill as I had thought either, he only has a respiratory infection.  Eye drops and oral medicine.  That’s all.  The vet also looked at his teeth.  They were fine as well.  Ha!  Take that Google!  His teeth are not growing into his head!

George and I are recuperating together today.

I won’t let the gym get me down.  I will go back!  I will keep using the bike!  I will accomplish my physio baking goal – vegan butter tarts soon! (and hopefully some of the other goals!) so that I can share that with you next week!

I’m really glad to have been able to share this with you today.

I hope that it encouraged you a little bit too!

Even if you’re not recovering from an injury, I hope that it encouraged you to be kind to others.  And look, cute bunny pictures!




Some pets need a little towel wrap to keep them still while you give them their medicine.  George is not a big fan of this.  But…he looks like a little bunny burrito…and it’s so cute.  He likes to hide his head inside the towel to try to thwart my attempts to give him medicine.  (I don’t really blame him.  Liquid antibiotics are yucky).

Take care and have a great week!  See you next Friday!

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