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You may be all ready to go, but you’re curious about what will happen during your first visit.  Well, this is the place where I will give you a little outline of what you can expect! (yay for preparedness!).

1) How long will my first visit take?

Approximately 1 hour (give or take 15 minutes).


2) How long will a follow-up visit take?

20-30 minutes.

(Note: For any subsequent visit in which you want to have further biofeedback analysis testing (more than 5-10 items), you will need to book a “testing session”, which is 1 hour in duration, to allow enough time to do all the testing and also complete your session.)

3) Tips for your first appointment:

  • Drink plenty of water beforehand.  Hydration is important.
  • The testing is done using your hand/arm, so if you have a condition that limits your ability to participate in this, please bring a surrogate.
  • Some of the points used are on the feet (just so you are aware).

 During your first appointment, the R. BIE will go over your intake forms, and discuss what brings you to the appointment, etc.  Then, they will explain how each part of the session will work and choose with you what items you will start to work with.  There is no set list of items that must be worked with.  The session is really directed by what is important to the client to work with, and items will be prioritized based on this.

After the intake and Biofeedback analysis testing is done, the R. BIE will then work with the GSR-120 unit to reintroduce the selected stressor frequencies to the client.  (This is painless and non-invasive).

Once the work with the GSR-120 is complete, the R. BIE will re-test the items worked with the confirm that the session was successful.

If you have questions, or would like to book an appointment, feel free to contact us!


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