Welcome to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section!  This page is intended to help provide some answers to questions clients usually ask.  This page may be updated from time to time, as new common questions crop up!


Q) Why do some people react negatively to some stressors, and other’s don’t?  Why is it that one person may have a problem with grass pollen, and another won’t?

A)  It’s simply a case of the second person’s body being able to recognize the vibrational frequency for the grass pollen, and the first person’s doesn’t.



Q) Is BIE for people of all ages and lifestyles?

A) Yes.  Because of the nature of the modality, people of all ages are able to benefit from BIE sessions, from the very young to the very old, with the exception of those who are pregnant or those with pacemakers.



Q)  My child has been diagnosed with Autism, and doesn’t like to be touched.  I understand that a probe is used during the sessions to touch the skin.  Is there any other way it can be done?

A)  Yes.  In addition to a traditional probe, there is also a light pen that is available which can be used in place of the probe.  This light pen only needs to be held over the skin, but does not need to touch it.



Q) I’ve had a cold this week, and am not feeling 100% better, but I don’t know if I should cancel my appointment.  Is it alright if I still come?

A) If you are sick with a cold/influenza/etc, please reschedule your appointment.  When the body is already being stressed with an illness, it’s better to recover before having a BIE session completed.  If you’re going to call to cancel, please call the day prior to your session.


Q)  How will I feel after my session?  Will I still be able to attend work or my regular daily activities?

A)  Everyone’s body has a different response to a BIE session.  Most people don’t feel any unusual symptoms, but some people do experience what is referred to as a “healing process”.  Usually, though, it does not impact their daily activities.  The healing process can last from 1-28 days, and can start from the day the session is completed up until three weeks after the session has been completed.  This is the process of your body maintaining homeostasis, and it will not last permanently.


Q)  I have some other health practitioners involved with my care, and I was wondering how R. BIE are able to be a part of this.  It’s important to me to have my care integrated.

A) Clients are encouraged to keep their primary health care providers informed about what is going on in their care.  For example; some clients regularly see a family doctor, and do inform them about the other care providers that they are including in their care circle.  At no point will a R. BIE recommend that you discontinue or disregard any recommendation made by your doctors etc.  Please refer to the disclaimer.


Q)  How long will a client maintain homeostasis?

A) Generally, it takes 1-4 sessions with each energetic stressor to achieve homeostasis.  For the majority of clients, homeostasis can be achieved in 1 session.  In  some cases, a second, third or rarely, a fourth visit may be required, depending upon;

  • A client’s level of hydration.
  • The strength of a client’s immune system.
  • The client’s level of stress.
  • The amount of bodily toxins.

However, several visits may be required for clients requiring work with multiple stressors.  Once homeostasis has been achieved for a specific stressor, the results are generally permanent, and clients are not required to return for yearly visits for the same stressor.