What is a Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner (R. BIE)?

A R. BIE is a professional who is trained in BioEnergetics and Biofeedback Analysis Testing.  This designation is protected, and may only be used by practitioners who have been appropriately trained and registered by the Institute of Natural Health Technology (INHT). R. BIEs work to help promote and achieve homeostasis in the body.




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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 90% of all illness is directly related to stress.

 Generally, the body is in homeostasis when all of its needs are being met appropriately. Communication is pivotal to homeostasis in the body.  The body not only uses chemical messengers to communicate with different body systems, it also uses electrical impulses to communicate.

Your cells are predominantly made of water, and water is an excellent conductor for electrical current.  Even outside of the heart and brain, your body uses electrical forms of communication among its cells. Your body has even been shown to have its own natural movement of electrons that are continually travelling through the body.  These electrons continually move up through the body, exiting out through the top of your head, and returning to the body through the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.  There has even been tracing done of this movement of electrons in the past.  (See here for an article that includes some pictures.)

Every substance on Earth has its own unique frequency at which its molecules naturally move/vibrate.  This special frequency is referred to as a “vibrational frequency” or “bioenergetic frequency”.  For example:  The molecules that make up a Fuji apple vibrate at a completely different frequency than, say, a peach.  Your body is able to recognize these frequencies, in addition to being able to recognize the other physical attributes of each unique item.

In our modern environment, our body is exposed to different electro-magnetic fields (EMF) that can cause confusion in the body’s communication with its cells.  (These are also called “Discordant Frequencies”).  Examples of EMF include: Wi-Fi, cellular telephone radiation, high-power lines, overhead wiring, and microwaves. The reason that this type of electrical interference causes confusion in the body isn’t difficult to understand.

Our Theory:

“During periods of stress (physical or emotional), the cell’s state of vulnerability to discordant frequencies increases.  EMF can enter the cells through the cell membrane and build up internally, thereby altering the cell’s homeostatic balance.  We understand that once the body has undergone a period of stress, it will have a tendency to no longer receive some bioenergetic frequencies that it had been exposed to during this time as a defense mechanism to avoid future periods of similar stress. (INHT, 2014).

Cells are most vulnerable during periods of stress; the greater the stress, the greater the incidence of illness.  (Think back to the post-exam colds/flu).

For example:  the molecules that make up a Fuji apple would have a different electrical frequency than the molecules that make up the mineral Zinc.  So, it’s easy to see that if the body is receiving electrical frequencies from other places, in addition to attempting to recognize common items, sometimes the additional frequencies cause confusion.

The body may no longer be able to recognize what item it is being asked to handle, and this causes a loss of homeostasis in the body.  Items that the body does not recognize are referred to as “stressors“.  This term is used to reflect the fact that the body is not able to recognize the electrical frequency produced by a specific item, and that the item is impacting the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis.

The body often will produce one or many symptoms in response to being exposed to these unrecognized stressors:

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What can BIE do?

–>Biofeedback Analysis Testing:

First, let’s talk about discovering what items the body doesn’t recognize.  R. BIE employ a technique called Biofeedback Analysis Testing (B.A.T).  What this means is that practitioners are able to isolate a muscle, and using a specific type of muscle strength measurement (all painless, non invasive and providing immediate and accurate results) an isolated muscle is introduced to the energetic frequency of a potential stressor (all items are in sealed glass, and clients will never be exposed to an item that they would potentially experience an adverse response for), the strength of that muscle is checked for any changes from the previously established baseline.  This is a very accurate way to discover which specific vibrational frequencies the client’s body is not recognizing.  

Note:  This assessment can be done on the same day as a BIE session.

This is an example of what the vials may look like in the office;

Wheat oats and hazelnut vial on GSR-120Vials on GSR-120Plants and Pollens II kit picture

–>The GSR-120C Unit:

vials on machine

Once we determine which stressors are impacting someone (ex: frequencies for dust, mold, hormones, foods, barometric pressures), through the use of a specialized instrument (the GSR-120C), we are able to reintroduce the vibrational frequencies back into a client’s body in order for their body to then be able to recognize it.  Once their body is able to recognize the stressor, it will heal itself, thereby ceasing to produce unwanted symptoms

The purpose of BIE is not to raise the body’s tolerance level to a given substance, nor does it alter the cell’s biological functioning in any way.  It simply reintroduces the vibrational frequencies of the stressors back to the body in order for it to be able to naturally adjust itself to function optimally.

This homeostasis will be permanent following the completion of the required sessions.  The entire process is painless and non-invasive. It is appropriate for all ages.

The possibilities for items that can be worked with is endless.  And it doesn’t have to come in a vial.

*Clients are encouraged to bring in household items to their appointments which may be stressors for them.  Anything from laundry softener to your cat’s fur can be used.     (*Note: all items remain in sealed air-tight containers to avoid any form of contamination to the office area).

In addition to all of this, sometimes practitioners will recommend specific dietary supplements to clients.  All of these items are available over the counter, and will only ever be recommended based on the supplement’s historical and traditional uses.  These supplements are intended to assist the body to maintain homeostasis and to be supported while it is achieving this.

BIE is a patented modality, which uses energy medicine principles.  We do not support any claims to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition or disease.  BIE does not replace the services of a licensed  medical physician.
R. BIE are not medical doctors and do not use medical diagnostic or treatment procedures. The services performed by BIE practitioners are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of nutritional matters and does not involve the use of scratch tests, needles or    blood tests to verify the client’s diseases, medical conditions, sensitivities, allergies or intolerances to foods or environmental substances. All services provided are done for experimental or educational purposes only and does not involve the diagnosing, curing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of       disease or any act, which would constitute the practice of medicine in this country, for which a licence is required. All suggestions (if any) regarding herbs or nutritional matters are based on historical   and traditional use. Program compliance is required for results.